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Get To Know the ALVIC USA Collections!

At ALVIC USA we strive to offer the most innovative products to our customers as well as a wide selection to choose from. With a variety of application and design options available, our panels can be used in many different ways. Whether you are working on commercial or residential projects you can use our products as cabinetry, furniture and even wall cladding!

Our four exclusive collections range from high gloss to matte, so you are sure to find the perfect product to bring your design dream to life!

LUXE is a high gloss finished panel with excellent physcial and mechanical preformance. This collection features many great characteristics such as high scratch resistance, anti-bacterial treatment, and long durability! Paired with a sleek and spotless mirror effect, LUXE incorporates a wide range of solid colors, wood grains, textiles, metallics and unique designs. These designs can be applied in kitchens, bathrooms and home furniture, as well as interior design commerical projects.

Luxe Cuzco
Syncron Anniversary Oak

Syncron gives interior designers and millworkers the look and feel of real wood. This panel is coated with a selection of modern textures applied on finishes that give the surface and extraordinary natural look and highly decorative standard. For added versatility, Syncron comes in various thicknesses and can be applied in all kinds of furniture, interior design projects and decoration! Shop the collection to inspire your next design!

Zenit offers a soft to the touch, matte look that is extremely durable. This collection is the result of our continuous improvement in lacquering technology and years of Resource & Development + Innovation! Zenit has an extraordinary resistance to abrasion but also a silky feel and comes in a range of solid colors, metallic particles, and elegant designs such as the marbles.

Zenit Antracita
Luxe Plus Osiris Titanio

LUXE Plus is our latest collection. This panel is a high gloss surface that offers a more reflective appearance than our original line, LUXE. With LUXE Plus we have taken it a step further, this collection has a higher brightness, the reflected image has been perfected, extraordinary performance even in extremely humid enviorments. This collection is also environmentally friendly due to its production, which doesn’t emit volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. LUXE Plus is a top pick for designers around the world! Add this product to your next project and feel the innovation of ALVIC USA!

With ALVIC USA, the design possibilities are endless as our products can be featured in any room of your home or office! Add beauty and functionality to your design today by contacting us at or 863-875-2458!

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