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Get in The Holiday Spirit with Festive Home Décor!

It’s that time of the year! Bring out the cozy blankets, hot chocolate, and turn on the fireplace – it’s the holiday season!

With winter comes a lot of fun, festive traditions and holiday home décor. Get in the spirit by decorating your home with seasonal colors. Alvic has several colors that are not only perfect for this chilly season, but they are great shades and accent colors to display in your home year-round! Here is a list of our top winter colors that will help make your home appear cozy and comfortable for the holiday season!

Luxe PLUS – Pumpkin

Feeling adventurous? The Pumpkin Luxe PLUS color is a wonderful way to add color and a fun, festive feeling to your home! This is a perfect shade for Fall and Winter, yet it will also add a bright and vibrant characteristic to your home for the sunny, summer time!

So ... what are you waiting for?

Want to add pumpkin to your home?

Luxe – Curry

Be bold by choosing the Luxe Curry panel for your kitchen cabinetry! This curry color is a mix between gold and yellow with a tint of orange. It is a wonderful color that instantly brightens up the room. There is something special about the shade of yellow that immediately brings happiness into a space. Try pairing this color with wooden accents and classic décor for a transitional look of modern and traditional pieces for a unique and one-of-a-kind home style!

Feeling bold?

Add Curry panels to your home!

Zenit – Supermatt Burdeos

What’s Christmas without any red décor? The holiday season is commonly known for its red decorations and accents in a home. Why not bring the season into your home with dark red panels! It’s a spectacular way to add spunk and modern touches to your home! Plus, vibrant colors require minimal décor, as it often is a wonderful stand alone piece!

Feeling festive?

Add our red Burdeos panels to your kitchen!

Syncron – Pino Rustico

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with wooden panels for your kitchen cabinets. Wood is a natural element that will make your home feel rustic, authentic, and untouched. Our Pino Rustico collection comes in 4 color options, varying from dark gray and dark brown to light tan.

Looking for wooden panels?

Shop the Syncron collection NOW!

Interested in other colors by AlvicUSA? Shop all of our products here! If you are looking for more inspiration to build your dream home, check out our blog for fun and creative information. Eager to start your project? Contact us today!

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