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AWFS Fair 2019

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to explore our booth this year at AWFS Fair 2019! With the dedication and hard work from our amazing team, the fair was a huge success. It was such a great experience getting to share our products and applications with other professionals in the industry.

The 2019 AWFS Fair featured North America’s largest gathering of woodworking equipment and technology, as well as the largest selection of hardware, tooling, components, power tools, manufacturing software, lumber, panel and construction material as well as an endless array of supplies for furniture, cabinet, millwork manufacturers and custom woodworking shops of all sizes.

For our fourth year at AWFS Fair, ALVIC USA showcased new trends, prototypes and launchings of Luxe Plus, Zenit Plus, and Zenit MetalPlus. ALVIC provided an immersive experience through the booth which drew in approximately 1500 attendees from a wide range of specialties such as Architects, Designers, Millwork Companies, Cabinet Shops, Distributors, Contractors, and Sales Reps.

“As a distributor, working with ALVIC is the perfect formula for us. With ALVIC we have the best technologies available, the biggest range in the market, and the newest trends.” said Miquel Rifa, Managing Director of Lioher.

Designed by architect Héctor Ruiz Velázquez the booth represents an artistic composition of ALVIC materials, and a gallery in which the creative possibilities of ALVIC products are presented as in a contemporary art museum.

The booth’s play of shapes and color contrasts in high gloss, matte and texture were just a sample of ALVIC’s offering, which included two particularly innovative products. Luxe Plus, a surface with an excellent degree of brightness and reflection, boasting a barrier effect against environmental humidity, high abrasion resistance and an ecological production process. Also Zénit Plus, a new anti-fingerprint, super-matte surface.

“ALVIC is different in all the best ways. They are the undisputed global leader in lacquer technology. Not only is it the most consistent product we have come across from high gloss and super matte but this scratch resistance is unmatchable and we always have a lot of confidence bringing it to our customer base.” said Tyler Sharpe, Product Manager at Richelieu.

The booth was a point of focus at the AWFS Fair for its uniqueness and stood out amongst the others by bringing a fresh new look to the market. Through the AWFS Fair ALVIC was able to join industry leaders, peers, colleagues, business experts and top manufacturers to demonstrate the innovative characteristics of ALVIC products and explore new opportunities.

We are looking forward to the next AWFS Fair in 2021 as we continue to solidify our position as a leading supplier for the global furniture and decoration market.

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