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Author: Alvic USA

Woodline Syncron Collection from Alvic USA

Organic and Natural Style on the Rise

Originally featured in Closets & Organized Storage. How the pandemic has changed America’s kitchen design aesthetic By Emily LaPointe, Marketing Manager, ALVIC USA The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been felt across virtually every industry and aspect of American life and business, and it
ALVIC USA European Kitchen Design Influences U.S. Trends

European Kitchen Design Influences U.S. Trends

Originally featured in KBB Online. America has historically looked to Europe for kitchen design inspiration. At one time, this meant ornate carved wood looks, but now it means a more modern aesthetic. Today, we see the modern European kitchen design trends continuing to influence the

Get in The Holiday Spirit with Festive Home Décor!

It’s that time of the year! Bring out the cozy blankets, hot chocolate, and turn on the fireplace – it’s the holiday season! With winter comes a lot of fun, festive traditions and holiday home décor. Get in the spirit by decorating your home with

Introducing Eco-Friendly Surfaces For Your Home

Home trends and interior design has evolved over the years into an extravagant showcase of new materials, trending patterns, and other unique features that we crave in today's society. However, with all of the new, fast-paced materials produced, how many of these products are safe

Get To Know the ALVIC USA Collections!

At ALVIC USA we strive to offer the most innovative products to our customers as well as a wide selection to choose from. With a variety of application and design options available, our panels can be used in many different ways. Whether you are working

ALVIC USA Continues to Expand into the North American Market

Originally started in Spain, ALVIC, the leading global manufacturer of panels, components, and cabinet doors, began importing its products to the U.S. in 2012. ALVIC has since then expanded its presence in the States to meet the demands for high-gloss, European design boards in North

AWFS Fair 2019

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to explore our booth this year at AWFS Fair 2019! With the dedication and hard work from our amazing team, the fair was a huge success. It was such a great experience getting to share our products and

ALVIC Smart Home Loft

ALVIC Smart Home Loft Casa Decor 2019 When the essence of space is movement that flows, voids at height and the contrast of planes in the full extension of the three coordinate axes, a new concept of habitability is generated and a smart home concept
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